Painting & Refinishing

High-quality products restore your
vehicle’s paint to its original condition


Advanced paint technology

Our computerized paint mixing system creates the perfect formula and ensures the most accurate color match to your vehicle.


Highly skilled painters

Our team of dedicated auto body painters are continuously training to stay up-to-date on the latest paint trends and technology.


Eco-friendly repair solutions

We offer environmentally friendly water-based paints from PPG, which provide the same durability and range of colors as solvent-based paints without releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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    Painting & Refinishing FAQs

    Does my painting & refinishing come with a warranty?

    Your Heppner’s repair carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee the parts, paint and any mechanical repairs directly related to the original collision damage for as long as you own the vehicle.

    Why do you use water-based paint?

    In addition to the environmental advantages, the water-based paint system we use is easier to mix accurately and spray, ensuring the absolute best color match for every vehicle.

    Will you paint my entire vehicle?

    We specialize in auto body repair and painting related to accidents, collisions, fender-benders etc. and do not currently offer any type of non-collision vehicle customization options.

    How long will my painting & refinishing take?

    Timing varies based on the severity of the damage and intensity of repairs. After you receive an estimate, the shop will order parts and schedule a time for you to drop off your car. The person handling your repairs will keep you updated throughout the process.


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